A joint venture is a business enterprise in which two or more companies get together under an agreement to pursue a common business objective. Any joint venture requires a detailed and meticulously drawn up agreement.

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A joint venture agreement should spell out at least the following:

  • Ownership percentages
  • Partner investment
  • Business asset sharing and transfers
  • Shares of profits and losses
  • Administrative responsibilities

In addition to those obligations, there should be reference to how long the venture is to last, termination of the venture, and dispute resolution options.  If the joint venture is international, you will need to cover foreign currency conversion, government regulations and import policies, and meeting international business standards.

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The laws and requirements for creating a joint venture agreement can be complicated.  Each case will have its own unique elements in addition to the standard points of agreement. Let the qualified attorneys from Ahmad Law Group help guide you to a successful joint venture agreement.

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