Corporate Counsil

Corporate counsel is an asset your business should have.  The Ahmad Law Group will work closely with your business to provide valuable legal counsel when the need arises.

The Benefits to Having an Established and Experienced Counselor in House
When we work with corporate clients, we build a relationship.  We get to understand the company's operations, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  We interact with personnel, learn your systems, and functions in ways that outside law firms cannot.  We know that your business is not like any other, and we treat it that way.  Our success is based on our understanding of all the aspects of your company, your priorities, and challenges and providing insight and counsel based on that knowledge.

Our forward thinking team works with you to build solutions and address vulnerabilities in the following areas:

  • Negotiating sales agreement
  • Letters of intent
  • Review and negotiate proposals
  • Contract support
  • Identify risks, and proposal alternative solutions
  • Asset and corporate due diligence
  • Employment laws
  • Intellectual property
  • Business succession planning

Discover more about our corporate counsel and determine if it is right for your business, call our offices at 858.481.5606